You become Damien Forte who is the last known survivor of his city in a world eradicated by an unknown airborne mutagen known only as “Loca Muerte.” The game is centered around the up and coming Fall City until Loca Muerte wiped out most of the human species or turned them into vicious man eating hunters of the night. During the day you hunt, forage, and prepare. During the night you must outrun, outsmart, and outlast the lost in a mission to protect and rid the city of this vicious threat while they track and hunt you down like an animal.

Good luck your going to need it.




Greenlit by over 15,000 people

Ranked #4

Debuting at iFest 2016 – Seattle

Demo will be at PAX Prime 2016

Sandbox Style Open World Awesomeness

A whole city to explore, with the ability to go into nearly every building and house in the game without loading times to go in and out of a building like most open world games.


Intelligent Enemies using AI_AWAKE™ technology

AI_AWAKE™ technology allows for the NPC’s in game to react a little differently than you might have come to expect game characters to react. You then are given some very interesting results that make you wonder, are they awake?


Free Running

The whole city is your stage to climb, jump, and play around on. Just as you would expect to do certain things in real life, you give you those abilities in the game for a totally immersive experience.


TRUE Branching Storylines & Gameplay

We have been led to believe as gamers that we actually have a choice in most games but the reality is that the game is linear. We are attempted a ground breaking new way to incorperate true branching storylines and gameplay into #OfTheLiving




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#OfTheLiving teaser trailer

Damien Forte the last known survivor in his city must save the city amidst great adversity.

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