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Award-Winning Developers, World-leading Publishers

For over a decade Uforia has provided unique, engaging and fun content for people all over the world. Our strength is in developing innovative forward-thinking projects in developing markets.


Our first game developed and released on Oculus is an Award-Winning title: Hero Showdown

Nominated for the International Mobile Game Awards China, and winning the Best Mobile VR game for the Global VR Awards.

We have many new titles and exciting partnerships to reveal soon!


With over 35 titles to our credit, mostly working behind the scenes on world famous IP’s we have the right experience to partner and develop world-class projects

Soon to be publishing many titles over the summer of 2017

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Uforia  Ideologies


We believe in living our lives to the absolute fullest possible. Living a dream should not take away from life, but add to it. We are the makers and designers of our own fate, we make the world what it is, and how we experience the world should be how we design it through our choices. We are not victims, we are champions. A great man once said “nobody owes you nothin, life is what you make it” ― Johnny Georges


May we always used creativity to drive originality and to use imagination to re-think what we think originality really is, to bring something new to the world. Our world is plagued by reskins, rehashes, reboots, and reiterations. We think with imagination to capture imagination. To do so we condition our minds to think in terms of truth, nobility, doing right, purity, beauty, commendability, excellence, and things worthy of applause.


Push harder, longer, and further. Our logo is our mascot Kuma with an eye patch because “The world ain’t all sunshine and rainbows. It’s a very mean and nasty place and I don’t care how tough you are it will beat you to your knees and keep you there permanently if you let it. You, me, or nobody is gonna hit as hard as life. But it ain’t about how hard you hit. It’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward.” ― Rocky Balboa


Too many people are afraid to fail, or the going gets too hard to continue so they settle with something “safe.” Our lives are too short to not do what we love, Uforians are dead set on living out dreams from the passion in our hearts the way we envision our world no matter the outcome. Anyone can do anything, good or bad, and we choose to do good. “I was great at failure & it made me great at getting back up” ―  Jeff Dye


If someone tells us we can’t do something, it proves to us that there is a reward for doing it. Rebellion is not always a bad thing, and we are willing to challenge known properties of an unknown world because we can do anything we put our minds to. We don’t back down from challenges, we face them. “Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the assessment that something else is more important than fear.” ― Franklin D. Roosevelt


To grow, we have to willing to fail and willing to achieve. Should we fail we learn lessons that launch us further, and should we achieve we enjoy the accomplishments and learn what works. Mediocrityis a nether region we dare not set foot upon, a middle place of neither good enough to achieve, or fail enough to learn. We want to be so far out on the limb that we hear the branches crack, because that my friends is where the fruit is.





Uforia History

In 1994 there was a notebook, one which was not more amazing than 99% of the notebooks in the world. What was different about this notebook however was that our

owner began at age 11 creating designs for games, creating ideas, inventions, and notes for how the future would look. That is what was valuable about this

notebook, what it had inside were like a special artifact in a cave of wonders. Games ideas written inside eventually became best selling games of our generation.

In 2003 Uforia began as a game company, there were many roller coaster moments.

In 2007 Uforia began it’s turn as a publisher of games in North America. Games that included the likes of:


Three Kingdoms

Mercenary Wars

Red War: Edem’s Curse

CardMon Hero: USA edition

In 2009 Uforia  became a developer/publisher by developing Beatbox Mobile Android’s first multi-record app

2011 Uforia developed Unite! which brought over 30 social networks and email into one place to check everyone at once, and reply to messages. This was

developed to become a social network for the millions of players who played Uforia’s MMORPG’s to give them a better experience across platforms.

While it was still in its Beta stage with hundreds of thousands of users the division was sold.

2012-2016 Uforia also became freelancers for other studios and worked extensively with Hollywood, and brands to consult for ideas, branding, and growth while working in development for VR

2017 Uforia reemerges as the super power it has always been with many titles for VR, Mobile, and Console.

“Gamers Wanted” (Again!)


Games under development

Since 2003 we have planted our roots in the entertainment industry and have grown immensely. 2003-2010 saw several MMORPG games in which we helped published, 2010 to present we have developed an array of technology. Growth for Uforia has been explosive and are trending through the roof for years to come! We also have several of our own top secret projects in the works that look to debut little by little through 2016 onward! Here are a few we are excited about and currently working on!

We Are Creators. We Are Innovators. We Are UFORIA.

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